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Shortly after the Foundation was formed, we raised almost $2,000,000 to build Wicall Gym and Mustain Pool at Galesburg High School. 

Since then, we have donated almost $800,000 to support projects, programs, and events throughout the district.  Most recently...

The GPSF has proudly supported education in CUSD #205 since 1987! 

Student Entreprenuership Program

Knox County IL CEO

Books at All
CUSD #205 Buildings

A new book for every 2nd grade student every quarter
of the school year (right)

A WWII/Holocaust book for every Lombard 8th grade student

150 books for GHS Book Club

A bagged lunch delivered from Lieber's Boxcar Express for every CUSD #205 staff member

Staff Appreciation Lunches

Visiting Author and Artist Events

The Great House Cat

Staff Wellness Events

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